Articles under category:
Online Algorithms
Vol 18, Article 23 (pp 1-24)
Pure Entropic Regularization for Metrical Task Systems
by Christian Coester and James R. Lee
Vol 18, Article 6 (pp 1-33) [APRX-RND19 Spec Issue]
Max-Min Greedy Matching
by Alon Eden, Uriel Feige, and Michal Feldman
Vol 16, Article 15 (pp 1-25) [APRX-RND16 Spec Issue]
Online Row Sampling
by Michael B. Cohen, Cameron Musco, and Jakub Pachocki
Vol 15, Article 2 (pp 1-31)
Time Bounds for Streaming Problems
by Raphaël Clifford, Markus Jalsenius, and Benjamin Sach
Vol 14, Article 17 (pp 1-25)
New Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Circuits With Linear Threshold Gates
by R. Ryan Williams
Vol 13, Article 14 (pp 1-17) [APRX-RND15 Spec Issue]
A Randomized Online Quantile Summary in $O((1/\varepsilon) \log(1/\varepsilon))$ Words
by David Felber and Rafail Ostrovsky
Vol 12, Article 14 (pp 1-14) [APRX-RND15 Spec Issue]
Minimizing Maximum Flow-Time on Related Machines
by Nikhil Bansal and Bouke Cloostermans
Vol 8, Article 25 (pp 567-595) [Motwani Special Issue]
Online Graph Edge-Coloring in the Random-Order Arrival Model
by Bahman Bahmani, Aranyak Mehta, and Rajeev Motwani
Vol 8, Article 9 (pp 209-229) [Motwani Special Issue]
Improved Bounds for Speed Scaling in Devices Obeying the Cube-Root Rule
by Nikhil Bansal, Ho-Leung Chan, Dmitriy Katz, and Kirk Pruhs
Vol 8, Article 7 (pp 165-195) [Motwani Special Issue]
Online Scheduling to Minimize Maximum Response Time and Maximum Delay Factor
by Chandra Chekuri, Sungjin Im, and Benjamin Moseley
Vol 8, Article 6 (pp 121-164) [RESEARCH SURVEY]
The Multiplicative Weights Update Method: a Meta-Algorithm and Applications
by Sanjeev Arora, Elad Hazan, and Satyen Kale
Vol 6, Article 2 (pp 27-46)
Reordering Buffers for General Metric Spaces
by Matthias Englert, Harald Räcke, and Matthias Westermann
Vol 3, Article 9 (pp 179-195)
Approximation Algorithms and Online Mechanisms for Item Pricing
by Maria-Florina Balcan and Avrim Blum
Vol 1, Article 6 (pp 105-117)
Combining Online Algorithms for Acceptance and Rejection
by Yossi Azar, Avrim Blum, David P. Bunde, and Yishay Mansour