About the Author
Luca Trevisan
Luca Trevisan
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776

Luca Trevisan is an associate professor of computer science at U.C. Berkeley. Luca received his Laurea (BSc) degree in 1993 and his Dottorato (PhD) in 1997, both from the University of Rome La Sapienza, advised by Pierluigi Crescenzi. Before coming to Berkeley in 2000, Luca was a post-doc at MIT and at DIMACS, and an assistant professor at Columbia University.

Luca's research is in theoretical computer science, and most of his work has been about the approximability of combinatorial optimization problems and about the power of randomness in computation.

Luca received the STOC'97 student paper award and the 2000 Oberwolfach Prize. He was an invited speaker at ICM 2006 in Madrid.

Luca lives, beyond his means, in expensive San Francisco, where he enjoys the film festivals, the neighborhood coffee shops, and the food. When not in San Francisco or Berkeley, Luca can often be found in Rome, New York, or Beijing.