Typesetting Papers in ToCTeX

Before final publication, authors are requested to typeset their manuscript in ToCTeX. You will need to send us:

  1. the appropriately formatted .tex and .bib files (not .bbl);
  2. any figures you might have; and
  3. author photos.

Detailed instructions follow.

  1. Download toctex.zip and unzip it to a new directory. (If you're using an old Latex distribution, you might want to use this older package instead.)
  2. Download toc-template.tex and store it in the same directory. Rename it to the name of your article. Open the file with an editor, and fill in the fields marked with exclamation marks, following the instructions in the file. Copy and paste the contents of your article into the appropriate place. We prefer if the entire article is in one tex file and not spread over several. One of the things you will be asked to supply is ACM and AMS classification codes. Please don't forget to include your affiliation, email address, and URL in the "Authors" section (after the bibliography).
  3. Compile your article using "pdflatex" and "bibtex". (Note that the file will not compile properly in "latex".)
  4. We recommend that you read the typesetting guidelines before starting to edit the ToCTeX version.
  5. We encourage authors to study the source files of recently published articles by clicking the "Source ZIP" button on the article's home page.
  6. Appendices: It is strongly recommended that all "Appendix" material be folded into the main text. If appendices are necessary, it is a firm ToC policy that all appendices precede the bibliography.
  7. Bibliography: The use of a bib file is strongly encouraged. You may mine a file containing all the bib entries of published articles. If possible, please try to include first names of authors in your bib file.
  8. Figures: Figures should be created using a vector-editing program, such as the highly recommended IPE or the powerful language TikZ, and should be saved as a PDF file. Do not use pixel-editing software like Paint or Photoshop.
  9. Brief bio: Please include a brief biographic sketch of each author at the end of the article, in the "about the authors" section. Take the bio sketches of previously published papers as models. Some guidelines: please include basic information about your education, research, career (institutions, advisor(s), thesis title, honors/awards, list of areas of interest in some detail ["complexity theory" will not distinguish you from the majority of authors]). This is a good place to pay tribute to a mentor who helped shape your career - perhaps someone at your high school. We encourage you to include some personal information (place where you grew up, family, hobby, etc), sprinkle it with humor. Please include links in the bio sketch (to your advisor's and your Alma Mater's home page, your favorite hobby site, etc.). As far as links go, the more, the merrier.
  10. Author photos: Please also send us photos for inclusion in the "About the authors" HTML page associated with the article. (The picture will not appear in the article.) The picture should be in portrait, and preferably not bigger than 300KB. Please name the files "lastname.jpg".
Last updated May 9, 2018.