About the Authors
Chi-Ning Chou
Chi-Ning Chou
Ph.D. student
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Chi-Ning Chou is a Ph.D. student in the Theory of Computation group at Harvard University, where he is advised by Boaz Barak. He received a B.S. from National Taiwan University in 2016 and worked as a research assistant in Academia Sinica for one year, mentored by Kai-Min Chung, who not only showed him how to be an independent researcher but also gave him lots of freedom to explore. His research interests include computational complexity, algebraic complexity, cryptography, quantum computing, and their intersections with other fields. Outside academics, he loves playing baseball, playing Go, listening to classical music, and cooking.
Mrinal Kumar
Mrinal Kumar
Postdoctoral fellow
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mrinal Kumar is a postdoc in the Theory group at the University of Toronto, where his host is Ben Rossman. Prior to this, he was a research fellow in the Program on Lower Bounds in Computational Complexity at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, Berkeley, CA, and a postdoc in the Combinatorics and Complexity Program at the Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications at Harvard. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in May 2017 from Rutgers University where he was advised by Swastik Kopparty and Shubhangi Saraf. His research interests are in arithmetic and Boolean circuit complexity and error correcting codes. Mrinal spent his undergrad years at IIT Madras and owes his interest in Complexity Theory to a delightful class on the topic taught by Jayalal Sarma. Apart from theory, he finds great joy in test cricket and in the adventures of Calvin & Hobbes.
Noam Solomon
Noam Solomon
Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Mathematics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Noam Solomon is a postdoc at the Mathematics department at MIT, and before that he was a postdoc at the Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications at Harvard University. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer-Science from Tel-Aviv University and a Ph.D. in Number Theory from Ben-Gurion University. His research interests include combinatorial and computational geometry, combinatorics, algebraic complexity and number theory. Outside research, he enjoys sports, music, books, a good movie once in a while, and socializing.