About the Authors
Siu Man Chan
Siu Man Chan
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Siu Man Chan is a postdoc currently at Toronto, after spending one year at Princeton. He completed his Ph.D. at Berkeley under Luca Trevisan and Elchanan Mossel. He did his M.Sc. at Toronto under Toniann Pitassi, and his undergrad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong under Leizhen Cai. He is interested in lower bounds in computational complexity, like his clone Siu On. Siu Man is currently occupied with space and parallel complexity, and more generally with the understanding of proofs, algorithms, and complexity in different mathematical models via combinatorics. He procrastinates by dreaming of upgrading his camera gears and buying more lenses.
Aaron Potechin
Aaron Potechin
Ph.D. student
Mathematics Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aaron Potechin did his undergraduate studies at Princeton, which was followed by Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge. He is now a graduate student at MIT working under Jonathan Kelner. While he is interested in a wide variety of topics, his primary research focus for the past few years has been on trying to prove space lower bounds using the switching network model. At FOCS 2010 he received the Machtey Award for the Best Student Paper for his paper “Bounds on Monotone Switching Networks for Directed Connectivity.”